DNI Funded Projects

The DNI Innovation Fund has awarded more than €50m to more than 250 Projects in 27 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects from the first two rounds of DNI funding.

Featured Projects

Verlag Der Tagesspiegel

Tagesspiegel Causa

Tagesspiegel Causa is a website that maps debates. Using innovative software, Tagesspiegel Causa engages its op-ed writers in systematizing the arguments that constitute the debate in which they’re participating.

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung

NZZ Companion App

NZZ Companion App is an engaging and entertaining ‘digital companion’ with the aim to empower the consumer; providing them with personalized news and services based on usage situation, location, and interest.

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Euronews Telling Stories in 360°

Creating the first fully-integrated 360° workflow in an international media group, euronews will deliver regular VR news content to the global audience for its language services. This immersive journalism offer will include, among other things, hard news reports and the 360° adaptation of euronews’ iconic No Comment programs.

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United Kingdom
Coventry University

Virtual News Games

Play the News VR brings together the use of interactive 360 degree films and virtual reality to enhance an audience’s understanding of a news story.

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Polska Press Grupa

Budżet Alert

A platform (website + apps) dedicated to participatory budgets in Poland. The project’s aim is to inspire and encourage participation in money management by citizens.

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News Stream 360°

Offering listeners an automatically-refreshing multimedia information stream and enhancing the live broadcast.

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Mosaic of Influence

Mosaic of Influence will become the central location to search the latest and most relevant information on Personally Exposed Persons (PEPs) in Croatia, for journalists, watchdog NGOs, and the public.

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Global Editors Network (GEN)


The project aims to be the first global hub that is solely dedicated to data journalism.

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