DNI Funded Projects

The DNI Innovation Fund has awarded more than €90m to more than 450 Projects in 29 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

DNI Innovation Fund Round 4 Results

DNI Innovation Fund Annual Report 2016-2017 is available

We’ve been observing the progress and milestones of DNI-funded projects over the last 18 months and wanted to share their stories.


Personalised news using media enriched chat (Round 4)

This project will create personalised video assets for a diverse audience. The aim is the create news (or sports) streams for thousands of users at the rate they choose and on their own device - without losing video or image value. A combination of a conversational interface and a streamlined video farm will create personalised news streams combining text, articles and media.

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ProSiebenSat.1 PULS 4 GmbH

Semantic Observatory for News Analytics and Repurposing (SONAR) (Round 4)

One of the main challenges when reporting current events, for example controversial political debates prior to an election, is to assess the impact of an argument and cover the debate in a timely and balanced manner. Providing sufficient depth while remaining accessible for a broad audience often requires costly data visualizations to enrich the content. SONAR addresses this challenge by providing real-time visualization services for journalists, including specific recommendations where and how to publish digital assets containing these visualizations. This will not only guide the production of new content, but also the repurposing of existing digital assets.

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STANDARD Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H.

ForUs - High-quality online discussions (Round 4)

The majority of online comment sections are still based on designs two decades old. This project will vary the characteristics of online communication spaces and evaluate the effects on comment quality. The prototype will find out which variables have a direct effect on comment quality and how these can be modified to encourage better dialogue. Comments and conversations will remain online temporarily instead of indefinitely, commenters will have to meet certain criteria to participate, and the most relevant comments will appear first, not the most recent. Improving user discussion is a vital challenge for online media in order to stimulate a thoughtful public discourse on topics relevant to society.

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Presse-Druck- und Verlags-GmbH

Ask Me (Round 4)

One of journalism’s most important skills is asking the right people the right questions. Publishers have strong communities around their brands, and readers want to share their opinion to become part of the journalistic discussion – as shown by the intense use of comment sections and reader surveys. This project establishes a new format to engage users, starts a better interaction with them and has the potential to create a new way of telling stories. Users become a bigger part of the media community and journalistic work – they have the chance to influence reporting through their answers. Ask Me also has a strong impact for local advertisers. Creating a new advertorial survey format means better engagement for clients and significant additional value for their marketing goals.

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Go Digital - Digital skills for small publishers (Round 4)

Smaller publishers face serious constraints in digital because of the lack of investment in technology and digital skills. The new Go Digital publishing platform will allow local and regional media players to have access to a state of the art solution for monetising their digital content.

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KRONE Multimedia GmbH & Co KG / Krone Verlags GmbH

ASK AND EARN (Round 4)

Publishers face the challenge of attracting subscribers. It’s hard for publishers to find ways to persuade users to sign up on the website. Online registration is an important first step to building user loyalty and collecting the quality data needed to enhance the on-site experience. With this project, users are incentivised to visit and interact with Krone’s website, which will lead to an uplift of signups. The project will also gather quality first-party data through different datapoints to provide a better experience for users and better and more plentiful targeting options for advertisers.

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Bayard Presse

Smart sections - Renewing the value of content (Round 4)

This project aims to address the global issue of differentiation for newsrooms providing high-quality or specialised news: the systematic presence on their pages of advertisements that are identical from one site to another across the web leads to a strong trivialisation of their offer, and data leakage. By recapturing these spaces and inventing new offers it enables readers to accept the move to paid content, and helps gain trust about data protection.

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Usbek & Rica

AdBoard - Helping news publishers manage ads (Round 4)

For many news publishers with native advertising comes one question: how can they avoid compromising their news DNA with brand messages? This dilemma has played out in favour of the entertainment media industry, which has adopted native advertising more quickly. AdBoard aims to change that by being the hands-on tool for news publishers to optimise native ads and attract new revenue streams. In this relatively new environment, AdBoard helps them navigate by making informed decisions. Each quarter performance indexes and AdBoard users’ anonymised data will be put together and released, along with a native ad barometer, as a reference for news publishers. These will help the overall industry gain leverage and develop insights about their campaigns’ engagement.

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De Persgroep Advertising (De Persgroep Publishing) and Mediahuis Connect (Mediahuis)

Context is King - The Halo effect of premium news websites (Round 4)

In a world that is dominated by programmatic advertising, it's difficult to distinguish premium news brands with high-quality editorial content from non-premium brands. In this framework the two largest news publishers in Belgium are joining forces to launch a research project that demonstrates the value of premium news websites. The research should demonstrate that the perception of high-quality news sites radiates on advertising brands (Halo effect). Many foreign advertisers are not familiar with local media. Editors on the other hand are not pleased with inappropriate advertising next to their editorial content, and readers find it disturbing. Based on the research, premium news sites would be awarded a label so that foreign advertisers can recognise them more easily.

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