DNI Funded Projects

The DNI Innovation Fund has awarded more than €90m to more than 450 Projects in 29 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

DNI Innovation Fund Round 4 Results

DNI Innovation Fund Annual Report 2016-2017 is available

We’ve been observing the progress and milestones of DNI-funded projects over the last 18 months and wanted to share their stories.


Personalised news using media enriched chat (Round 4)

This project will create personalised video assets for a diverse audience. The aim is the create news (or sports) streams for thousands of users at the rate they choose and on their own device - without losing video or image value. A combination of a conversational interface and a streamlined video farm will create personalised news streams combining text, articles and media.

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De Persgroep Advertising (De Persgroep Publishing) and Mediahuis Connect (Mediahuis)

Context is King - The Halo effect of premium news websites (Round 4)

In a world that is dominated by programmatic advertising, it's difficult to distinguish premium news brands with high-quality editorial content from non-premium brands. In this framework the two largest news publishers in Belgium are joining forces to launch a research project that demonstrates the value of premium news websites. The research should demonstrate that the perception of high-quality news sites radiates on advertising brands (Halo effect). Many foreign advertisers are not familiar with local media. Editors on the other hand are not pleased with inappropriate advertising next to their editorial content, and readers find it disturbing. Based on the research, premium news sites would be awarded a label so that foreign advertisers can recognise them more easily.

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Roularta Media Group (RMG)

VeriFlix - intelligently managing user generated content (Round 4)

VeriFlix will work on a set of tools to gather location based, user-generated (live) videos from mobile app users, and verify their authenticity through a content verification AI layer. This layer will use a proprietary AI engine to filter out fake, inappropriate or off-topic content by checking the quality, relevance, consistency and diversity of videos. Based on several key components, publishers will be able to drive long-term value for their audiences due to the distribution of authentic, fact-checked, quality content related to online news stories. Consumers will be able to provide their video content to the newsroom based on journalist request. Journalist’s will use a web based platform to manage the videos in real time.

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QuoteBot - Your personnal market watcher (Round 4)

Business and financial information is sometimes not always as fast as promised and not always as useful for the investment community. The QuoteBot project bets on the best of what automation technology offers today to help the newsroom add value to content and reinforce journalists' skills. QuoteBot will be both a tool for journalists and a service for readers – automating the production of daily briefings and overviews, and providing journalists with structured data, while also offering value-added personalised information to readers at the time, and on the device, of their choice.

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Mediahuis N.V.

Wave (Round 3)

Changing consumer expectations force publishers to continuously innovate to reach their audience. User research has shown that people are interested in news, but they are dropping out because they aren’t able to consume it when it fits their schedule. The project will explore how existing content of different nature can be reused to create a compelling on-demand listening experience that is diverse and fit-for-purpose and how technology could help in minimising the impact on existing editorial workflows and editorial staff due to the introduction of new innovative formats.

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Sanoma Media Belgium NV/SA

Sanoma Storyboard GOviaR (Round 3)

VR has the potential to enhance immersive storytelling by offering the audience experiences and environments that are logistically out of reach for most of them. By focusing on creating immersive worlds, we would like to help rethink storytelling.

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Roularta Media Group


Automatic addition of metadata to allow easy discovery by journalists

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