DNI Funded Projects

The DNI Innovation Fund has awarded more than €70m to more than 350 Projects in 29 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects from the first two rounds of DNI funding.

DNI Innovation Fund Annual Report 2016-2017 is available

We’ve been observing the progress and milestones of DNI-funded projects over the last 18 months and wanted to share their stories.

Featured Projects

Verlag Der Tagesspiegel

Tagesspiegel Causa

Tagesspiegel Causa is a website that maps debates. Using innovative software, Tagesspiegel Causa engages its op-ed writers in systematizing the arguments that constitute the debate in which they’re participating.

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Companion App

NZZ Companion App is an engaging and entertaining ‘digital companion’ with the aim to empower the consumer; providing them with personalized news and services based on usage situation, location, and interest.

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Telling Stories in 360°

Creating the first fully-integrated 360° workflow in an international media group, euronews will deliver regular VR news content to the global audience for its language services.

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openTender (Round 3)

A more transparent supply chain of public tenders can help journalists to work much better with the help of users and citizens. Using data of the reconstruction process incoming after the Italian earthquakes would be an excellent field to develop our prototype for various important reasons. Our first developing field for prototyping is strictly hyperlocal and this makes us able to involve a specific community of users as well as people involved in the reconstruction process. We want to build a missing bridge between readers, journalists and producers of Italian public data for tenders.

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Radio Radicale, Centro di Produzione

Mapping of institutional activities & political speeches (Round 3)

Journalists, researchers and citizens might find it challenging to navigate large amounts of digital recordings, in search of sections they are interested in. Automated extraction of keywords and entities from speech, along with an editing and publishing tool, will dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to accomplish this goal.

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Ced Digital & Servizi (Caltagirone Editore)

VIS: fact-checking for print and online publishers (Round 3)

VIS (Veritas In Silico) is not competing with existing fact checking initiatives but aims to build on their experiences to provide a straightforward tool to improve editorial fact checking in newsroom without disrupting or slowing down the pace of publishing processes. VIS will be operating in, both print and online, is very different from that of specialized projects uniquely geared at fact checking and operating outside the large newsroom or by dedicated teams. Because of this direct integration, VIS’ deliverables will have a significant impact on the news production ecosystem, improving quality and cutting production costs.

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Mondadori Scienza (Mondadori Group)

FOCUS AR CMS (Round 3)

The goal of the project is to spread Augmented Reality as a new journalistic language for printed press. This new CMS is essential to allow print media editors to easily manage and attach AR content to the pages of the newspapers/magazines and to do so during normal workflow. The CMS creates a layout for digital content (eg. video, audio, 360° videos & photos, 3D renderings/infographics/animations) and automatically uploads layout and digital content onto the magazine app. Whenever the user frames the relevant pages through the smartphone camera the application recognizes them and shows the related content according to the layout.

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GEDI Gruppo editoriale

Thriving News (Round 3)

We believe that the proliferation of tasks that journalists are asked to comply today is becoming more and more difficult to manage without a platform able to elaborate and provide in real time indicators and information useful to facilitate the daily workflow and the decision making processes.

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Il Secolo XIX (GEDI Gruppo editoriale)

Journalist Digital Assistant (Round 3)

The main challenge of the initiative is to provide to journalists a complementary simple and intuitive tool based on Artificial Intelligence technology that will increase their productivity, improve the quality and reliability of contents they produce and enable the capability to create reliable and enriched digital content. An increased quality journalism production (struggling also the fakery news phenomenon) we believe is the key differentiator factor to strengthen the newspaper reputation, to increase the user's loyalty and then monetize the digital traffic.

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Corriere della Sera (RCS MediaGroup S.p.A.)

Corriere Predictive News (Round 3)

Every day journalists have to deal with a big amount of data without a lot of insights on how to read and transform it into stories. It's the typical information flood. Corriere Predictive News will identify patterns and trends from different sources and multiple AI technologies helping journalists choosing news and creating stories that will be valuable for our users.

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Elemedia (GEDI Gruppo editoriale)

Real Time Sports 4 All

This project is our answer to the needs of any sport's newsroom or publisher for an efficient and effective management of multiple data sources and for the production of high quality real time sport data and contents. This innovative platform will tackle the actual technological barriers, reduce data feed developing cost and create new revenue opportunities.

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