DNI Funded Projects

The DNI Innovation Fund has awarded more than €90m to more than 450 Projects in 29 European countries. Take a closer look at some of the projects.

DNI Innovation Fund Round 4 Results

DNI Innovation Fund Annual Report 2016-2017 is available

We’ve been observing the progress and milestones of DNI-funded projects over the last 18 months and wanted to share their stories.

Featured Projects

Público – Comunicação Social, S.A.

P24 by Público

P24 is Público’s personalised audio catch-up for its readers. It refreshes throughout the day and produces audio clips of stories that are customised to each individual reader, as well as providing the main stories of the day. The project is Público’s answer to the problem of how to better serve an audience on the go; one who may not have time to constantly check the website throughout the day, and who may miss important news as a result. After initial research, audio was picked as the best medium to solve the issue, and Público has identified it as a key platform for the future of the publication.

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United Kingdom
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

The Bureau Local

Central to The Bureau Local project is the intention to encourage the spread of ambitious data-driven local journalism. While many local media outlets are being shut down and resources centralised, The Bureau Local is driven by the essential desire to hold power to account at a local level; to make press more representative of those they represent. They do this by supporting a network of key local journalists - from traditional media outlets to bloggers - and providing vital data sets, statisticians and graphic designers to help local journalists yield investigative stories that might also resonate nationally.

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Edenspiekermann AG


POST is a tool that will help journalists measure the success of their own content. It was born out of a question: what is the most pressing issue facing editors and how could the agency do something to help? Edenspiekermann already closely collaborates with newsrooms across Europe. By talking to their partner organisations they identified that a key problem in newsrooms was how to integrate analytics on day-to-day basis for already busy journalists. POST aims to make life easier for journalists by giving them help at exactly the right moment.

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Prisa Inn (Prisa)

VR Infographics (Round 3)

Our goal is to match real-time information gathering with near real time infographics production for immersive experiences. VR Infographics Outcomes: (1) Creating a marketplace for infographics asset production and knowledge sharing for an international marketplace; (2) unification of infographic design and production tools from 2d to Vr production in one platform; (3) create a new lab of narrative experiences related to graphics news production from 2D to immersive VR wrapped into one end to end single storyline.

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Corporacion Publicitaria De Medios Digitales

Prensa Iberica Open Media (Round 3)

Today one of the major challenges facing is that Society has the possibility of using a large amount of open data that is available, which allow it to become more advanced, smart and fair for everyone. Prensa Iberica wants to tackle it creating a toolbox for journalists for extracting of local public data, either from the Administration or NGOs, to contribute to the local/hyperlocal public transparency with the aim of being able to generate widgets and infographics automatically and, previous payment of this, users can insert in their Websites and/or blogs of such treated information.

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Público.es (Display Connectors)

Transparent Journalism Tool - TJ Tool (Round 3)

The growing presence of flaw stories presented with similar formats than professional journalism is damaging citizen’s ability to access the solid reporting that they need to build their critical thinking about social, political, economic or cultural issues. This is also damaging the already weak credibility (and survival prospects) of the media. Público’s Transparent Journalism Tool aims to address this challenge by allowing citizens to access all the back end information of a news story (why did we cover it, who did we talked to, which verified data did we use...) and opening new venues for the monetization of quality journalism.

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Quality Media Producciones


Having a large inventory of video is sometimes not enough for online media to be assured of their economic return. Their result in user clicks is subject to a very low ratio for various cases: 1. Lack of appeal in content or exposure. This is sometimes the fault of a bad headline but may also be simply "one of thousands". Simply the video is not exclusive, it has nothing that makes it "viralizable". 2. Short period of informative relevance. Often the news media are nourished with video with a short life of relevance. Our project tries to attack this double problem giving the user the leading role. OPSHARE thus captures the general trend of social media: live participation, unlimited personalization.

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Spain Media Magazine

Premium Podcast Platform Project - P4 (Round 3)

Radio in Spain will go through the same process that TV and Music: it will move from "Live" to "on Demand" formats. Despite the fact that Podcast are more and more listened, it´s still a very young ecosystem and it is not sustainable so far. For us the solution is not to go for huge volumes of started podcasts without taking care of the quality, but to focus in TOP Content with premium users to offer this audience to the advertisers or to monetize through monthly payments.

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RADAR - Regional Alliance (Round 3)

Digital revolution is hitting hard to news industry, but the crisis is still bigger in the local media landscape. In Spain the leader of the market is not the national press, but local newspapers. These days internet competition is about scale and heavy investments in technology. Small publishers cannot face a reduction on their incomes and invest more in new tech. This is creating places without local press that inform about them- or "Little Pravdas" -newspapers paid by local authorities of companies-. To address this issue it is needed collaboration to create economies of scale and share investments to create new products and analyze and action all the data generated in our sites.

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Europa Press Comunicacion S.A.

Open Data News Platform

Open data is a tremendous resource which remains largely untapped in the news ecosystem. Combining the elements of (i) open data, (ii) related news, and (iii) smart, creative journalism to develop an “Open Data News Platform”, which is oriented towards collaboration and user-generated content, and is continuously improved by the community it serves.

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Politibot Innovación, S.L.


To build a bot platform which journalists, companies and news outlets could use to engage with their audiences, personalize their experience and extract value from them.

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