We organise, attend, and invite speakers to many events across Europe, and beyond. Here you can find details of upcoming events in your area, as well as reports on previous outreach and events.
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DNIengage (DNIe) events are local gatherings independently organised by Digital News Initiative participants or Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund recipients, with acknowledgement and support from Google's Digital News Initiative.
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Recent Events

DNI for Entrepreneurs

Our programme of DNI events continues in Munich, where members of the DNI will come together at the Munich Media Days 2017 for the first DNI DACH Summit - a day event to discuss issues including how to kickstart innovation in the news industry, AMP, monetisation and new methods of storytelling.

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DNI Innovation Fund Event
Innovation Fund Event

On July 6th, we held the first DNI Innovation Fund event in Amsterdam, to celebrate and showcase learnings from the first two rounds of the DNI Innovation Fund, and launch the DNI Innovation Fund Report. 

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DNI Regional Event, Prague

Our programme of DNI regional events continued in Prague, where members of the DNI came together for a half day event to discuss issues including AMP, monetisation, new methods of storytelling and how to kickstart innovation in the news industry.

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