DNIe - Digital News Initiative Engage Event Series

DNIe events are local gatherings independently organised by Digital News Initiative participants or Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund recipients, with acknowledgement and support from Google's Digital News Initiative.

What is the goal of a DNIe event?

A DNIe event is organized by volunteers from the publishing and news community, and it lacks any commercial, religious or political agenda. Its goal is to spark conversation, connection and community - around News and Innovation. The goal is to have unique, special approaches to digital News and Innovation.

Why should someone organise a DNIe event?

Many have a topic (from the News and Innovation ecosystem) they are passionate about, want to learn about or discuss about. DNIe is a brand and basic financial support that allows them to bring together others to pursue their passion.

What is the format of a DNIe event?

DNIe can be a lot - a suite of short ignite talks, demos or performances, or breakouts that are all focused on specific topics or cover a range of subjects to stimulate innovation, foster learning and inspiration – and provoke more discussions and conversations that matter to the news ecosystem.

Who should participate in a DNIe event?

Everyone from the news ecosystem can participate who wants to play a positive role in working on the challenges of the ecosystem and is interested in cooperation. Participants do not have to be related to the DNI, the DNI Fund, or Google.

Do you want to organize a DNIe event with us? Reach out to digitalnewsinitiative@google.com.

Do you want to organize an event around digital news to bring together others? Reach out to us and ask for #DNIe!